Patient Info: Anurex – Bleeding, Pain, Swelling

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Anurex is helpful for bleeding, pain, irritation, itching, discharge and swelling both inside and outside the anal opening.

The cause of these problems is usually inflammation of the anal canal (anusitis), which is just inside the anal opening. Anurex soothes the inflamed area by cooling.

Cooling (cryotherapy) has been used for decades and is frequently recommended for sports injuries and after dental work to reduce swelling and pain. This is a new and convenient way to apply cold to the anal canal.

Anurex works well in the collapsed anal canal. Suppositories are ineffective because they can't stay in the anal canal. Creams are not effective because they are not applied up into the canal. Anurex works best in the anal canal because it is applied directly to the site of the cause of the problem. Pain outside the anal skin is secondary to discharge from the anal canal. These problems are rarely caused by hemorrhoids. The cause is usually diet or stress.

How is Anurex Used?

Anurex is a reusable cryoprobe. Keep it in its container and place it in the freezer compartment of your refrigerator. To use, remove from its container, apply lubricant (use any water soluble one like KY Jelly) with the fingertip up into the anal canal and then to the tip of the Anurex probe as well. Insert the probe all the way up to the flange. Expect it to be cold (just like applying an ice pack to the face). Persist — you will get used to it.

Leave the probe in the canal for 6 minutes and then remove. Wash it with soap and water, put it back into the container and then into the freezer.

How Often Should it be Used?

If your problem is severe, use Anurex 2-4 times a day for a month and then once daily until you are symptom free for 3 weeks to a month. If it is mild, use once daily until your symptoms disappear. After this, use it if your symptoms recur or to prevent recurrence if you go off your diet. It should be replaced yearly, as it will be less effective.

Diet & Stress

Please avoid coffee and all cola drinks (even diet and decaffeinated), beer, garlic, spices, spicy sauces, pizza and curries. You may have to restrict citrus fruits and juices and chocolate. Be sure you are on a high fibre diet, e.g. Fibre 1 or All Bran cereal plus water, to keep your bowel habits normal. You must follow the fibre with a glass of water in order for it to work. This is very important!

Stress is another cause of anusitis and one which is not so easy to prevent. If this is your problem, the symptoms are less when you are on holiday and worse when you are under extra tension either at home or at work.

Food sensitivity

Food sensitivity should be considered if all else fails. You may need to keep a list of foods you eat to refer back to because it may take a day or two for symptoms to show up.

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